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Easy Access to Technology for Our Residents | Retirement Community SouthPark

Advances in technology continue to make headlines, from the home to the classroom, the workplace, the healthcare industry and beyond. While what is now possible in the world today with the help of tech is undeniable, many older adults find it challenging to adopt newer technologies, citing a “lack of, or lack of clarity in, instructions and support,” according to a recent Frontiers in Technology article. If you feel a sense of frustration or overwhelm around technology, The Barclay team has your back! Today’s post covers seniors and technology, along with what you can expect as a resident of our retirement community in SouthPark (hint: smooth sailing ahead).

The Digital Divide

A Pew Research Center study found that although seniors are “more digitally connected than ever,” there continues to be a “notable digital divide” between younger and older generations. Among their findings:

  • 42 percent of seniors own a smartphone
  • 32 percent are tablet computer owners
  • 67 percent say they use the internet
  • 34 percent use social networking platforms.

Soaring Technology Use

Not surprisingly, AARP reports that technology use during the global pandemic has increased significantly. More specifically, video chats, texting, email and phone calls are on the rise. A significant increase in video chat—from 50 percent before the pandemic to now 70 percent—is also taking place, with 1 in 3 reporting weekly use. Smartphone use is also on the rise, with more and more seniors taking advantage of grocery ordering (24 percent), telehealth (40 percent) and financial transactions (53 percent), to name a few.

High-Tech Touches

Visitors to our retirement community in SouthPark may notice our big-screen TVs, making it easier to enjoy movies, sports and more. Our sound systems allow for easier listening and a more immersive experience, and high-tech features such as our 24-hour fall assist—no matter where you are in the community—set us apart. Thoughtful design goes into every apartment home; meaning should you fall, you’ll have peace of mind knowing help is within easy reach.

Training Made Easy

As a resident of The Barclay, access to a host of technology training is at your fingertips. Popular training topics include iPads, smartphones, smartwatches, e-readers and more, and we walk you through everything on-site. There’s no need to locate nearby training or coordinate getting to your destination safely. Plus, there is comfort in learning alongside your friends and neighbors. One piece of feedback we consistently receive is that tech training with us is easy-to-digest and empowering, which is our goal. We’re always in communication with our residents regarding desired tech training topics and are happy to provide one-on-one tech assistance as needed.

The Barclay at SouthPark is a remarkable new retirement community in North Carolina with unparalleled offerings, including elegant independent living apartment homes, high-end amenities, distinctive dining options, concierge services and an engaging lifestyle that emphasizes whole-person wellness. Request your free brochure online or contact us at 980-224-8540.

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