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Just Your Place. Just Your Pace.Your Perfect Retirement Community in Charlotte, NC


Retirement Community Charlotte

Choosing to move to a retirement community in Charlotte is a major decision for most people. At first, they might feel hesitant to leave their own homes and adapt to new changes. But living in a retirement community in Charlotte can be a wise choice for seniors since all their needs will be met. Learning more about the nature of this specialized neighborhood can give you a new perspective.


What to Expect When Joining a Retirement Community in Charlotte

Being part of a retirement community in Charlotte is a welcome change for many seniors. All of their personal and social needs can be met during their stay in their chosen home. Living in a retirement community in Charlotte often opens new opportunities and experiences for its residents. Seniors can expect the following once they move into a specialized neighborhood of their choice:

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  • Experience a Suitable Lifestyle When You Move to a Retirement Community in Charlotte

Living in a retirement community in Charlotte can make your life comfortable and fun. This specialized neighborhood has a wide range of programs, such as water exercises, and facilities, such as salons, which are suitable for anyone’s taste.

When you choose a good retirement community in Charlotte, you will find an environment where you can focus on your current passions in life. You may also look for new things that are enjoyable for you.

  • Engage With Other Residents When You Join a Retirement Community in Charlotte

You will come across other seniors in search of a fun and fulfilling time when you move to a retirement community in Charlotte. There are many opportunities for you to interact and get to know your new neighbors in your chosen retirement community in Charlotte. Whether you’ll make friends through a game of chess or a fitness program, you’ll surely encounter like-minded individuals there.

  • Receive Necessary Assistance in Your New Retirement Community in Charlotte

A reliable retirement community in Charlotte allows residents to choose between independent and assisted living. This specialized neighborhood has a dedicated staff that can provide the proper care you need. From customized assistance with housework to rehabilitation services, you will have everything you need once you settle into your new retirement community in Charlotte.

  • Feel Secure and Safe in Your Chosen Retirement Community in Charlotte

The security and safety of residents are of utmost importance to a retirement community in Charlotte. The staff members of this specialized neighborhood ensure that intruders will be kept out of the area at all times. They also assure that the residents in a retirement community in Charlotte are safe from hazards, such as smoke and fire, during their stay on the premises.

  • Enjoy Quality Amenities in a Retirement Community in Charlotte

A trusted and respected retirement community in Charlotte has everything their residents need to make their stay as pleasant as possible. This specialized neighborhood is filled with amenities suitable for your various interests. It won’t be surprising to see libraries, game rooms, coffee shops, fitness centers, and more in a good retirement community in Charlotte.

  • Focus on Your Wellness When You Join a Retirement Community in Charlotte

Keeping your mind and body in top condition is possible when you live in a retirement community in Charlotte. This specialized neighborhood has fitness instructors who are experienced in working with various people. They can help customize a plan that is best suited for you. It is also possible for you to participate in yoga classes and tai chi sessions when you join a retirement community in Charlotte.

Choose a Trusted Retirement Community in Charlotte

Barclay at South Park is a loving and vibrant retirement community for Charlotte locals. We make our residents feel like they belong. We do our best to attend to your needs and turn your new living space into a true home. Our retirement community in Charlotte can make the next chapter of your life truly memorable and fulfilling. Contact us today!


Design Your Perfect Retirement

  • After years of working, you deserve to have the retirement of your dreams. Looking for the best community to stay in in your senior years can be challenging. With the wide variety of options to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? You have to select a place where you can be comfortable and remain independent. The Barclay at South Park could be the best residence for you.




Enjoy Distinctive Dining

  • For our residents and guests, we ensure to create a range of culinary choices. Our casual dining area is used by those who want to have light meals. We also have a pub where you can enjoy cocktails and drinks as appetizers. To top it all off, a fine dining experience awaits you in the grill. Worry not, because all of our food is delicious, healthy, and prepared by our chef.

Achieve Your Optimal Health and Wellness

  • At The Barclay at South Park, your health and wellness are our priorities. We have a state-of-the-art facility that you can use. Our fitness instructors create fitness and wellness programs that are tailored to each resident’s personal preferences and goals. Enjoy our land and water exercise classes, such as tai chi, water aerobics, yoga, and line dancing. You can also request your own coaching and personal training.

Experience Life Enrichment Opportunities

  • We want to see you thrive during your retirement. From physical, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental to spiritual wellness, we are here to provide you with opportunities to ensure you live a joyful life with purpose. Our cultural and artistic activities can help boost your mind and passion. Play Mahjong, bridge, or chess. Indulge in whatever interest that keeps you happy.

Use Exceptional Amenities

  • We want to ensure your comfort, convenience, and safety. Spend your days in our library, media and multi-purpose room, card room, poker and club room, or art studio. You can also enjoy sumptuous food and refreshing beverages in our coffee shop, bar, and casual and fine dining areas. Our saltwater pool and hot tub, stationary equipment room, and day spa and salon can also be accessed by our residents.

Making Your Life Easier With our Convenient Services

  • Focus on your personal fulfillment, and we’ll take care of your usual tasks for you. Services such as weekly housekeeping, pest control, landscaping, scheduled transportation, notary, and dry-cleaning pick-up and drop-off are offered to our seniors. Our team will take care of your residence’s maintenance so you don’t have to. To give you and your family peace of mind, we have on-site security and emergency response services.

Independent Living, With a Reassuring Continuum of Care

You can choose from our different levels of care at The Barclay at South Park. If you need assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing, we are here for you. With our customized individual assistance, your daily needs will be met as you continue with your lifestyle. From medication administration to meal preparation, we will help you with your tasks.


We have nurses and doctors in our community to ensure that the medical needs of our residents are met. Here, we are happy to provide you with a positive retirement experience in your own place at your pace.


The Barclay at South Park is located at 801 Barclay Downs Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210. Give us a call today at 980-224-8540 for more information on our programs and services. Our friendly and skilled staff is here to assist you with your concerns.

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